Marco & Co is inspired by my wonderful horse, Marco. When I found Marco, I discovered a new way of being. I found a sense of stillness and I learnt how to be truly present.

Marco helped me understand what true freedom feels like. I now know that freedom appears when we become acutely aware of what makes us truly happy. Some of my happiest moments are the days I've spent with my horse. Beautiful days out on a mountain trail ride. Summer days under the Australian sun, cantering along the beach. And the hours I've spent in the tack room and the stables. Being around my horse, out in the fresh country air, always invigorates me. The mindful and therapeutic state that horses evoke in humans is remarkable.

Scent can unlock some of our fondest memories and transport us to a different place and time. My hope is that this candle will remind you of those special times and places that are still very much alive in your heart.

Take the time to pause and reflect on all the beautiful moments between the chaos of a 'busy' life. May this candle inspire you to seek peace, purpose and tranquility. As you enjoy the flicker of light and subtle scent of the beautiful oils, sit still, breathe, and cherish the moments that our scents inspire. 

May you flourish and prosper in life with passion and purpose.

With so much love,